"I live a very healthy, always on the go lifestyle, but doing Sarah's cleanse made me feel more energetic and light. It was easy to uphold while I had to travel half way through as well.

​​I've tried many cleanses and Sarah's is the only one that you don't feel deprived."
"She's my health guru! She's my nutritionist, wellness coach, life coach... She's a great resource and I really love spending time with her because she really keeps me balanced. She gives me new tips on nutrition, organic/whole foods. She gives me a holistic way of living. I LOVE HER!"
"Sarah Moore may be the best find in my quest for health. She has an extensive knowledge of health and wellness that guides me in my journey. What impresses me the most about Sarah is her genuine concern about her clients. ​Sarah wants her clients to be healthy and when they are like me and I struggle, she doesn’t give up. I would say Sarah is a five star professional."
"Sarah Moore is a wonderful colon hygienist. She radiates health and she knows how to communicate her good ideas about practicing wellness with others. I trust her attention to detail and her caring spirit and I recommend her as a therapist with total confidence."
Scott W. Webb
Author, Inside Poop
Starting Weight: 248
After 20 Weeks: 128
Total Pounds Lost: 120
Weight Loss Percentage: 48.39%
photo credits: NBC's The Biggest Loser
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"Sarah Moore has taught me so much about my body, clean eating and my internal and external health. Her ability to love and serve her clients is so inspirational.

​​Her personality can make anyone feel like family. In the last year I have lost close to 30 lbs with the knowledge she has given me and my view on true health in an unhealthy world has changed in a vibrant way.

​​I am so grateful for her showing me that a healthy body and clean eating creates change for the long hall. That its a lifestyle, not just another pill to take that won't last."
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