My programs are for music industry professionals and regular people who lead super busy lives with exhausting schedules and a lot of pressures that need to whip themselves back into shape and have more energy, endurance, and healthy vitality. I will guide you in a practical, easy-to-stick-with fashion. It will be an effective and simple, yet will require will-power and desire.                
The Meet and Greet
  • 21 day Customized Detox
  • Colonics at a discounted price​
  • ​3 Private 30 minutes One-on-One
  • ​sessions with Sarah
  • Grocery List
Opening Act
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Includes 2 hours nutrition intensive over Skype or Phone. Sarah will spend 2 hours with you going over nutrition and superfoods, as it relates to you personally. She will break down your current eating habits and get you started on your new plan.

You will be sent paperwork prior to the session to complete. Sarah will review and set up a one time real food plan for you to get started on. This plan will be discussed in the session along with any questions that may you have.             
Backstage Pass
VIP Package
  • 21 day Customized Detox with 3 Colonics
    ​(if local to Middle Tennessee)
  • 8 Private One-on-One sessions with Sarah
  • Grocery List
  • Recipes
All Access Pass
by application only
When you have the All Access Pass, you and Sarah will design a plan that works for you. Many VIP clients take Sarah home with them for cooking lessons, grocery shopping at Whole Foods, or whatever is needed to have Sarah in your back pocket. You will be guided through the 21 Day Signature Cleanse and will also have Sarah as your colon hydrotherapist.
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7 Day Rockstar Whole Body Detox
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Motivational emails each day of the cleanse
  • Private access to me, during the 8-week program
  • Extra Colonics at VIP Discount
  • Recipes
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Motivational emails each day of the cleanse
  • Private access to me, during the 3-week program
The Rockstar Detox is a refresher to get you back into your real food lifestyle or a way to move into the Signature Cleanse with ease. In the Rockstar Detox we focus on not just food, but emotions and stress. Hundreds have taken on the Rockstar Detox and have grown in so many ways. Energy, Clarity, weight loss, personal acceptance, gratitude and feeling like a rockstar can all be expected.